Step into Klover, a family-owned dispensary in San Diego, where shopping for cannabis transcends the ordinary. For the past four years, Surge has been proud to partner with Klover, elevating their marketing and branding efforts. Together, we’ve crafted a compelling narrative that highlights Klover’s unique blend of art and cannabis, driving growth and cultivating a loyal customer base


May 2024


Brand, Marketing, Web

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For Klover, we started with an in-depth analysis of the cannabis dispensary market in San Diego, focusing on customer behavior and preferences. We identified key demographics including recreational users, medical patients, and cannabis enthusiasts. By creating detailed personas and empathy maps, we gained insights into their needs and preferences, guiding our strategic approach to optimize Klover’s digital presence and customer engagement.


To reflect Klover’s unique identity as a premier cannabis destination, we updated their existing logo and revamped the brand assets. We designed a sophisticated yet approachable visual identity, emphasizing their commitment to quality and community. Core brand pillars were established, focusing on education, premium products, and customer satisfaction. Our branding extended to in-store signage, packaging, and digital assets, ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand experience. By creating visually compelling print materials and in-store signage, we ensured consistent brand messaging and improved customer experience. Additionally, we developed a detailed branding kit and style guide to maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints.


Our design team created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that seamlessly integrated e-commerce capabilities for easy online shopping. The site was optimized for mobile devices and featured a robust product catalog, educational resources, and an events section to keep customers informed about special promotions and brand events.

We also developed a custom website featuring native POS integration and a robust rewards system, tailored to enhance user experience and streamline operations. This comprehensive digital solution facilitated seamless transactions and incentivized customer loyalty. Focused local SEO strategies resulted in an impressive 50,000 monthly profile views, significantly boosting online visibility and driving local traffic.


We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy, including targeted social media campaigns, email newsletters, and SEO-optimized blog content to drive traffic and increase brand visibility. Our digital ad campaigns focused on special deals, new product launches, and educational content to attract a diverse audience. By continuously monitoring performance and adjusting our strategies, we ensured sustained growth and customer engagement in a competitive market. Klover Dispensary’s partnership with our agency resulted in significantly increased online social media presence, a notable rise in foot traffic driven by targeted advertising and Weedmaps optimization, and a high return on investment from effectively managed ad spend. By overseeing over $200,000 in paid advertising and optimizing their Weedmaps listing, we successfully enhanced brand awareness and customer engagement. Our targeted billboard strategy and innovative design captured attention and drove increased awareness.

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