Senor Tequila's

Step into Klover, a family-owned dispensary in San Diego, where shopping for cannabis transcends the ordinary. For the past four years, Surge has been proud to partner with Klover, elevating their marketing and branding efforts. Together, we’ve crafted a compelling narrative that highlights Klover’s unique blend of art and cannabis, driving growth and cultivating a loyal customer base


May 2020


Brand, Content, Design, Marketing, Web

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Our design team created a visually engaging and user-friendly website, integrating the colorful and lively aesthetic of Señor Tequila’s. We ensured the site was optimized for mobile use and incorporated features like online reservations and menu browsing. Additionally, we designed promotional materials and signage that aligned with the brand’s festive and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing both digital and in-restaurant experiences.


Website Traffic Increase


Bounce Rate Reduction


Average Session Increase


Online Reservations


For Señor Tequila’s, we began with a thorough market analysis to understand the competitive landscape and target demographics in Germantown, MD. We identified key customer segments, including families, young adults, and local food enthusiasts. Through personas and empathy maps, we mapped out their preferences and pain points, guiding our strategic recommendations for enhancing their digital and physical presence.


We executed a comprehensive marketing plan that included targeted social media campaigns, email marketing, and SEO strategies. By deploying engaging content such as high-quality images, customer testimonials, and blog posts about Mexican cuisine and culture, we increased online visibility and customer engagement. We also launched digital ad campaigns focused on special events, happy hours, and unique menu items like the “Big Mami” margarita, driving traffic both online and to the restaurant.

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